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PureHitt Swing Trainer

The PUREHITT is the first hittable swing trainer offering the primary benefits of the best-selling flexible whippy shafted and weighted-head swing trainers, yet with the significant added benefits of a clubface and hittability. Use the PUREHITT to warm-up, improve tempo, and get on plane with several swings.  Check your clubface position at any point in your swing.  Position of your clubface on takeaway? Clubface square at impact?  Once warmed-up, hit some balls.  See the ball flight results from your practice and swings with the weighted, flexible whippy PUREHITT. Develop lag with a forward hand position at impact. Feel, and check, your hand and club head and face positions. Work on your swing plane, timing of your turn and release. Sync all aspects of your swing. See the results, and improvement, with the actual trainer. Alternating between hitting the PUREHITT and your clubs, from mid-irons to driver, you'll see the correlation between improvement and straighter shots with your PUREHITT and better ball striking for greater accuracy, improved trajectory, and greater distance with your own clubs.


  • EASY AND EFFECTIVE WARM-UP - A dozen or so swings with the PUREHITT(TM) will activate your body, helping you become more flexible, build strength, and tune your tempo and swing for a more enjoyable and lower scoring round.
  • IMPROVE SWING TEMPO - The PUREHITT’s flexible fiberglass shaft and heavy PU head combine to teach a smooth transition at the top of the swing and provide a more fluid and on-plane swing.
  • LEARN PROPER LAG AND RELEASE - The same flexible shaft and heavy PU head combo that improves swing tempo also teaches the forward hand position for a proper lag and release.
  • LOWER YOUR SCORES AND HANDICAP - With improved warm-up, flexibility, strength, tempo, lag, release, and a more on-plane swing, you will realize drastically better ball striking with greater distance and accuracy for lower scores, handicaps, and more fun.
  • REPLACEABLE GOLF GRIP - The PUREHITT features easy grip replacement when preferred with standard or jumbo sized grip. We strongly recommend utilzing a professional regripper.