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The options

We offer plenty of ways to get the fit you need.

Our Smartfit program offers you three ways to get custom fit in stores.



Introductory level comparison and analysis of club performance.

  • Compare up to 3 clubs selected by our Master Club Fitters or by you
  • SwingLabs® software identifies the strengths and weaknesses of each club relative to your swing
  • See how your existing clubs measure up to newer models

Price: $19.99

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State-of-the-art custom fitting by one our Master Club Fitters.

  • Match the best club head and shaft specifications to help your game
  • Choose from a full range of exotic and custom shaft options to find the one that’s perfect for your swing
  • Properly fit length and lie for irons

Driver: $39.99

Irons: $59.99

Find your local Golf Town Limited


Comprehensive set comparison analysis from a Master Club Fitter to make sure you have the 14 clubs that will most benefit your game. Includes all elements of the UltimateFit™ plus:

  • Custom fit every club in your bag
  • Custom "gap" analysis to ensure proper distance between clubs — get out from "between clubs" and start making full swings again.
  • A putter fitting to ensure the club you use most, fits you just right!

Price: $99.99

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The facts

Numbers don't lie

What is custom club fitting?

Club fitting at Golf Town Limited is how we find the best clubs for your swing.

It isn’t about changing your swing—it’s about maximizing your swing’s potential, so you can shoot better scores. Our experts use their experience, and state-of-the-art technology, to put a club in your hands that will perform best for your swing.

You can (and should) be fit for every club in your bag.

92% of golfers who were custom fit on a launch monitor for their new clubs realized immediate benefits.

Think about that: immediate benefits. Custom fitting is about better scores and more fun, regardless of your skill level. Whether “better” means shooting in the 60s or breaking 100, custom fitting will get you to your goals.

90% of golfers may currently be playing with the wrong equipment.

Poorly fit clubs means poor results. Poor results mean poor experiences, and less fun. Don’t you want to have more fun?

4 out of 5 custom fit golfers hit the ball more accurately and consistently.

You have enough to think about before letting it fly. Don’t complicate it even more. Instead, get clubs that are fit to YOUR swing, so you can let them do what they’re designed to do, and you can focus on shooting better scores.

Getting fit is for every golfer.

Whether you're just getting started or shooting for sub-par, getting fit matters.

Regardless of what kind of score you shoot, our Certified Club Fitters can help you lower them.

What type of golfer are you?

New to the game? An occasional player? Maybe you're not experienced enough to think you need club fitting?

Think again.

New, developing or casual golfers deserve–and need–fitting the same as any other golfers. It's as simple as taking a few measurements for club length, identifying the proper lie angle, and most importantly, selecting the right club head and shaft.

Our Certified Club Fitters will walk you through choosing a forgiving club head design; a design that will make it easier to hit the ball high and straight. You'll take a few swings on the shot simulator, see immediate results, and you and the fitter will identify the best club setup to reach your goals.

It takes about 15 or 20 minutes, IT'S ONLY $19.99 and 92% of golfers who get fit see immediate improvement. Now, why don't you need it again?


Club head design; shaft weight and flex; lie angle; grip


Let's be clear: The best way to help you get from being a “mid-handicapper” to “low-handicapper” is to get fit for your clubs.

Golfers of your skill level are a great bunch to work with, and they are prime for a club fitting. You've proven you have game, are coordinated and athletic, but you're just a few good rounds from dropping that handicap down. Maybe you're just one swing here or there, a missed fairway, or one bunker shot away from getting there.

Are you sure your clubs aren't holding you back? Your game is progressing. Think of all the shots you can hit now that only a few seasons ago were nowhere to be found. If your game is progressing, so should your club fitting.

It's crucially important that your next clubs fit your current game, AND give you room to grow.

Schedule an Advanced Club Fitting with a Master Club Fitter and get the clubs that will get you to the next level.


Club head design; shaft weight and flex; lie angle; grip size; set composition


You're a good player. But you also know that there's no such thing as good enough.

Our Master Club Fitters are experts at taking you to the next level.

Our Master Fitters aren't amateurs. They aren't hobbyists. They're experts that receive the absolute best club fitting training in golf. And Golf Town Limited has invested more than any other retailer in making sure our people have the best tools and technology, capable of fitting the best golfers in the world.

A common theme among great players is that they know what they like, they know their club specifications, and they know their bag makeup. But with all the advancements in fitting technologies at Golf Town Limited and in the clubs and components we carry, you're very likely still leaving shots on the table. Whether it's our huge shaft selection, or the ability to fit wedges with the advanced, wedge-specific Cleveland Golf Wedge Analyzer, we have the tools–and the people–to not only fit you for lower scores, but to GUARANTEE the fittings we perform.

Schedule your Advanced Club Fitting with a Master Club Fitter

Getting fit is for every golfer

If you think you're “too inconsistent” to need fitting, think again. Our technology will show you that even “inconsistent” swings can be fit to clubs that help them shoot better scores.

The process

It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1 Establish some goals.

Meet with your Master Club Fitter for a brief discussion of your playing goals and swing tendencies.

2 You try. We tweak.

Working with our trained fitting experts, you’ll hit golf balls in our simulator bays, while our fitters make changes to your club setup to fine-tune results. Our Tour-quality launch monitor tracks your shots and provides you and our team with important, insightful data:

  • Swing Speed

    Know how fast you’re moving the club. Integral for shaft optimization.

  • Carry Distance

    Reveals how much of your total distance comes in the air vs. on the ground. Crucial for every club.

  • Total Yardage

    It’s important to know if your ball runs out after it lands.

  • Backspin Rates

    Optimizing backspin is the most important factor in maximizing & tuning distance.

  • Total Spin

    Factoring side spin along with backspin, total spin is vital for honing a straighter flight that creates peak distance control.

  • Launch Angle

    Measures the angle relative to the ground at which the ball is being launched immediately after impact.

  • Lie Angles

    Measured with a strike plate to centre the sweet spot of the club at impact.

  • Impact Dispersion

    Measured with impact tape to determine where your club’s face is hitting the ball most often.

  • Body Measurements

    Fingertip-to-floor & hand size are simple but crucial measurements in club fitting.

After collecting this data, our fitters will swap shafts and make club adjustments. And then you’ll test, test and test those clubs, until you’re certain that you and your fitter have found the ideal club setup.

Please consider bringing your current clubs to establish a baseline for comparison.

3 Get your new clubs, and get to the course!

Your new sticks will result in better golf–GUARANTEED.

The tech

Cutting-edge gadgets mean a cutting-edge fit.


Premium Shaft Selection

We carry a huge variety of shafts for irons and metal woods. We’ve invested heavily into expanding our fitting-ready shaft selections, and many of the most popular manufacturers offer upgradeable shafts at no cost. Additionally, we carry a HUGE selection of aftermarket and exotic shafts that can be ordered with your new clubs.

Mizuno Shaft Optimizer

With just 3 swings, this patented shaft-fitting technology measures 5 key performance characteristics and recommends the iron shaft perfectly matched to your individual swing.

Cleveland Wedge Analyzer

A Cleveland wedge with a lightweight Swingbyte motion analysis sensor permanently affixed just below the grip. During the fitting process, a 3D rendering of the swing is captured, and proprietary software calculates the key swing metrics, allowing for a precise fit for key wedge characteristics including loft gapping, bounce angles and sole grinds.

Fitting Carts

We invest more than any other brand to stock our fitting studios with the top tools from the top brands. Fitting carts feature a vast array of interchangeable club heads and shafts of different lengths and lie angles. We assemble and you try to determine the best performing combination. Then you can order your clubs to those exact specs.

Foresight GC2 Launch Monitor

Tour-level, state-of-the-art digital cameras capture shot data in the blink of an eye. Foresight’s trusted technology measures ball speed, launch angle and backspin rate. Additional data like club head speed, descent angle, and carry and total distance are calculated and converted into shot simulation. Simply put, it’s the best fitting technology available.

Shot Simulator (SCREEN)

Used with Foresight’s GC2 Launch Monitor and patented software, our shot simulation lets you see real time results of fitting tweaks.

SwingLabs Fitting Software

The only unbiased, performance-based fitting solution in the industry. Works with our launch monitors’ swing data inputs to select the best club specifications for you. Database of possible club setups includes over 827,000 (and growing) combinations.

The people

We’re highly-trained & ready to help your game.

Master Club Fitters

Our Master Club Fitters are the best in the business. Working with the top club brands in the game, our Master Club Fitters are thoroughly trained and constantly tested on the best fitting practices in golf.

Only a small percentage of our fitters ever earn the title of Master Club Fitter. It takes hours upon hours of training with our team and the top brands’ specialists, plus a proven track record of fitting success, before earning the title of “Master.” Let’s be clear: Our Master Club Fitters aren’t hobbyists; they’re professionals, and they’re exceptional at what they do.

Play better or bring them back

What if I get to the course and my new clubs don’t perform?

Return them–even if you played them. It’s that simple.

If you don't like how your new club performs, bring it back for a full club credit.

That’s our club return policy.**

We want you to love your clubs, and we’ll prove it.

See Details

**Some restrictions apply. Original club purchase must meet minimum qualifying threshold(s). Return time is 30 days from purchase. See your local store for complete details.