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Tracking System 18806
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Arccos Tracking System

The Arccos Tracking System is the first ever, fully automatic, real-time GPS and Live Stat Tracking System. Arccos records every aspect of your game, and with their proprietary Tour Analytics platform, it also analyzes all of your stats, uncovering your strengths and trends, giving you game-changing knowledge so that you can make better decisions on the course. Arccos stats are available instantly on your iPhone (compatible with any iPhone 4S or above) as you play or after your round on any computer, anytime, anywhere.

Arccos Features and Stats Tracked:

  • GPS distances to front, center, and back of green
  • Club distances and averages
  • Fairways hit or missed
  • Greens in regulations
  • Putting statistics
  • Up and downs
  • Sand saves
  • Tour analytics platform

Arccos works seamlessly. Simply attach the 14 sensors to the grip end of your clubs and pair them just once to your iPhone. Then play as you normally do and watch as Arccos does all the work. No additional devices needed, and no need to download additional software. Just pair, play, review, and improve. It's that simple. Get the game-changing knowledge you want to make the game you love even better!

Product Highlights:

  • GPS and Stat Tracker: tracking system that automatically tracks your game
  • Instant: stats available instantly on your iPhone or on your computer anytime, anywhere
  • One-Time Pairing: one-time pairing process makes set-up easy
  • Seamless: completely seamless play. No need for additional actions on the course. Arccos doesn't interrupt a golfers game
  • Tour Analytics: Arccos doesn't simply record your stats. It interprets them, so you know why and how they're important for your game
  • Batteries: Arccos sensors use standard watch cell batteries (CR_2032). Batteries should last up to 50 rounds. Arccos has a built-in battery indicator so users know when batteries need replacement
  • Lightweight: Arccos sensors weigh less than 12-grams and have zero swing impact
  • Play Anywhere: Arccos has every course in the USA mapped; all 16,000+ of them
  • Accurate Stats: The putter sensor is very sensitive and detects even one-foot putts
  • Take your practice shots: Arccos sensors can detect the difference between a real shot and a practice shot, so swing away. The technology is that good.

Arccos works with any iPhone 4S and above. Arccos records all your stats instantly, so you can see how you're playing as you're playing. Stats are available immediately on your iPhone or via the web dashboard from any computer, anywhere, anytime. Arccos connects real-time to your iPhone.

Tournament-Legal App:
The new Arccos Restricted app is legal for tournament play, which is permitted when Local Rule is in effect (see USGA Decision 14-3/0.5). "With adoption of our full system exceeding even our high expectations, we've responded to requests for an alternate version of Arccos specifically engineered for tournament play," says Sal Syed, Arccos Co-Founder and CEO. "Arccos Restricted is an outstanding solution for those players who want to use the Arccos system during competitions, while still having post-round access to our renowned Tour Analytics platform."

In the box:

  • 14 ultra-lightweight smart sensors: 13 attach to any club (wood or iron), one specifically designed for the putter
  • Quick Start Cards that guides the set up process and offers tips and tricks for using Arccos on the course
  • Batteries included
  • Free app available through the iTunes App Store
Tracking System
Orig: $449.99
SAVE: $70.00
360 Tracking System
Approach G8 GPS
Orig: $509.99
SAVE: $110.00